Slide Rule Auction

at the 27th International Meeting of Collectors and Researchers of Slide Rules and other Historic Computing Instruments.

At the end of IM2021 (about 20:00 CEST Sunday evening) we will have an auction of slide rules from the late Conrad Schure collection organized by the Oughted Society. Proceeds from the auction go to the estate of Conrad Schure.

Jim Bready will act as auctioneer for the Oughtred Society.

items to be
  List of items to be auctioned

Item descriptions and photos

    A detailled description of all items is available as PDF file.

    All items have been photographed in both medium and high resolution.
    These photos are available in this Dropbox folder.
    If you click on any of the items of the list above you will get the medium resolution pictures for quick orientation.

auction rules   Price transparency
    The auction is very straightforward: no commission fees, no reserves, free shipping. As a present to the attendees of this meeting, the Oughtred Society is paying for the postage to mail the items to the winning bidders. The winning bidders pay only the hammer price. All prices are in US dollar.
Commission bids
    If you cannot or do not want to participate in the auction live, you can send your commission bids to the auctioneer, Jim Bready, at When you submit a commission bid the auctioneer bids for you, only bidding high enough to beat the next highest bidder.  If there is one commission bid on an item, bidding will start one bid increment above that bid. If there are two or more commission bids on an item, the bidding will start one bid increment above the second highest bid. If there are no commission bids, the auctioneer will set the starting bid. 
Bid increments
    $0 to $100:  $1
    $100 to $500:  $5
    $500 to $2000:  $10
    $2000 and up:  $50
    All payments will be via PayPal.  Winning bidders will log into PayPal and send their payment to
    Shipping will be via Priority Mail.  The auctioneer will ship to your registered PayPal address unless you send him a message along with your payment in PayPal with a different address that you want me to ship to.