The proceedings of this year's 27th International Meeting of Collectors and Researchers of Slide Rules and other Historic Computing Instruments or IM2021 for short will be published as a book like the ones for IM2013 and IM2017.

 preliminary cover

The circumstances are however different from those of former years due to the COVID pandemic and the the online conference form. But we found a way to handle the distribution.

delay notice   The goal was to have the book in your hands at the time of the conference, at least for most of the participants. There were however a number of events and difficulties, which led to serious delays, so that the proceedings will be available after the conference.

Furthermore the German Post Office notes on its web site that currently the delivery to the US will take an extended time, so that US participants will get the proceedings weeks after the conference. They also offer faster delivery, but at excessive surcharge.

The current situation will be explained at the meeting, and the order information will be send out to all participants when the book is ready.

how to get the
  European buyers

You will be able to order the proceedings from the publisher's web site. As there is no inter­mediate trading in this direct order, the publisher offers free shipping for Europe, even some countries not in the EU. The price will be in the range of 25 to 28 €.

The direct link (URL) will be here as soon as the book will be available / ready to order. It will also be in an email to all participants.

Buyers from other parts of the world

As the special offer of free shipping is not available for countries outside Europe, I will make a one-time special offer for those participants only: I will buy a number of books at author's bulk price and sell them to these participants, including shipping and handling. The price will probably be 32 to 35 €, to be paid to me by PayPal at time of ordering. It will be a strictly one-time operation with a firm deadline, and sorry, no exceptions.

The concrete offer will be in the availability announcement by email to all participants.

General availability

The proceedings will be also available as any book at traditional book sellers and equally well as online sellers, notably Amazon. However, depending on where you live, there can be hugely varying shipping costs and delivery times. In most cases you will be better off with one of the two options above.

proceedings of
IM2013 & IM2017
still available

The IM2013 and IM2017 proceedings are still available through book sellers, online sellers like Amazon, and of course directly from the publisher BoD (that includes the free shipping to European countries). Instead of duplicating all the details here, please check the list of publications of the editor.