for the 27th International Meeting of Collectors and Researchers of Slide Rules and other Historic Computing Instruments or IM2021 for short.

procedure   Registration is by email to only. Depending on your local configuration, clicking this email address may not only start the mail program, but will also directly provide a form in the message body. Otherwise, start your mailer and copy/paste the form provided at the end of this web page into the message body. Add your data as indicated on the form. The subject line of the message should be 'IM2021 registration'.

Any personal data you provide will only be used for the organization of IM2021 and some statistics. Please provide the country in the form of the ISO two-letter country code, like DE, CH, or US, and for the USA please add the state code after the place name, so that we can get a geographical summary to plan further meetings.

You will get a registration confirmation email and later, in the week before the IM weekend, you will get another email with your ZOOM access code for the conference.

TANSTAFL   There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

An old saying and acronym, but made popular again by Robert Heinlein in some of his SF novels. And it applies for IMs also. As IM2021 is not organized by any of the organizations as usual, but is a personal project to provide continuity to the collectors' community with a yearly conference, I have to cover the costs and risks somehow. Therefore I ask you for a small donation of 10 €. Any resulting surplus after IM2021 will go to the RST.

Please send your 10 € either by PayPal to or for European countries by SEPA bank transfer to account Karl Kleine, IBAN DE49 6609 0800 0002 1536 29. Important: Add 'IM2021' and your name or email address to your PayPal/SEPA transaction so that I can match it with yor registration email. Sorry, no other bank transfers or payment options.

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